Diabetes research

Recent study concerning the positive relationship between the effects of drinking camel milk for people who suffer of diabetes.

When sugar-rich products are consumed, a big amount of sugar comes into the bloodstream very fast. The body usually does not need this sugar right away. The pancreas secretes insulin, which can control the sugar level in the blood. People wit diabetes, produce too little insulin (diabetes type I). It is also possible that they produce enough insulin, but the cells do not react in a proper way to the insulin (diabetes type II).

There a two types of Diabetes

  • Type I: de pancreas does not produce (enough) insulin
  • Type II: de body does not respond (well) to the produced insulin


Insulin is a polypeptide hormone with the chemical formula C254H377N65O75S6.

In camel milk there is a protein that is almost equal to insulin, which the body needs to keep to blood sugar level at the preferred stage.

This insulin-like protein is able to come into the bloodstream because it is not broken down in the acid environment of the stomach. This in contrast to cow milk proteins, which fall apart in the stomach quite fast.

Consuming camel milk if you have diabetes type I
If you have Diabetes type I, consuming camel milk for a long period will have the benefit that you have to inject/take in significantly less insulin.

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